People with herpes run the risk of infecting their sex partners even if they continue to take anti – herpes medication that prevents occurrence of herpes outbreaks. Individuals living with HSV – 2 or genital herpes can transmit the infection even when they don’t exhibit any visible symptoms. There was initially some hope that drugs that are used to treat or prevent the recurrence of herpes symptoms would prevent herpes transmission but the studies conducted so far show no correlation between the two.

Christine Johnston, a researcher at the University of Washington claims that people with absolutely no herpes symptoms continue to shed virus that causes herpes, in spite of taking moderate to very high doses of the anti – herpes drug. These brief episodes that usually occur for a few hours aren’t accompanies with any major symptoms. What’s alarming is the fact that the rate of shedding is the same regardless of whether or not the person takes medication.


Recent clinical trials that involved antiviral drugs like acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir failed to show that these drugs could actually prevent transmission of herpes. These studies proved that the herpes simplex virus hiding in the nerve roots doesn’t sleep between outbreaks. On the contrary, it is active most of the time and becomes dormant for a very short interval of time.

This is why people having herpes should adopt safer sex practices and use condoms every single time they’re engaging in an act of physical intimacy. These individuals may also opt for herpes dating sites in order to connect with like – minded people living with the same strand of the herpes virus, in order to negate the chances of contracting the infection.

Herpes statistics and why lead to the rise of it?

According to various government agencies, 1 in 5 American adults are living with herpes and there seems to be no end to this anytime soon. It is the asymptomatic nature of this infection that leads to transmission of the virus unknowingly. Although antiviral drugs are usually given to people living with herpes, they aren’t effective in preventing the spread of the virus. In addition, it is also worth noting that the infection isn’t spread only through sex. The herpes simplex virus also tends to spread through viral shedding that happens on direct physical contact or by use of common entities such as clothes or towels.


If you’ve been living with herpes for quite some time now, it makes sense to find someone interesting on a herpes dating site and take things ahead from there.

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